Wedding season is upon us! It is commonly agreed upon that mid-April through mid-October is “Wedding Season,” with peak months being May, June, September, and October. As a bride, it can be overwhelming to have your wedding competing with so many others. Many on your guest list may have multiple weddings to attend in the coming months. Of course, you want your wedding to stand out from any other wedding. But how do you do that?


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Pinterest is a great source for inspiration (as if I need to say it!). But unless you find a pin that is exactly what you want for your flowers/decor/etc. make sure to make it your own! Love a pink and white bouquet but wish it had your favorite colors—lime green and purple? Add them! Love the rustic look but not a fan of burlap? You can use lace if you want to! Take the inspiration you find and use it to expand on and create your dream day.

Wedding favors are another great way to set your wedding apart. Give something that everyone could see you and your groom giving. I’ve seen everything from Lindt Lindor Truffles to Maker’s Mark mini-bottles, from personalized body creams to personalize candy bags! Do something you think is fun!


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Love Lindt truffles? Throw them in there! They’re a great guest goodie!


 The little things that make a wedding unique to you and your groom are the things that guests will remember that set your wedding apart. So look around at Pinterest, bridal magazines, or whatever else you can find (such as some cute ideas here and here) but keep the overlying theme your union!

The main rule to remember: keep it true to you. Do you love highlighter yellow but know that it’s far from a traditional wedding color? Use it anyway! It is your special day and you’ll want to remember it the way you wanted it. Not the way your great aunt thought it should look. 


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